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i figured it out, saw the mistakes of up and down meet in the middle, there's always room for common ground

i see what it's like, i see what it's like for day and night never together'cause they see things in a different light like us but they never tried like us

I'm DeOnna; 16, #ELITE ♡narry gives me life tbh♡


So it’s my blog’s 2 year anniversary so I thought I would make a follow forever of some of the blogs that have made my experience on here great :) I know I left out a lot of people and I’m sorry if you’re not on here.

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acrticmcnkeys, adoresziam, areyouoncraic, alrightylou, ashtonirwn, b1ack7, bangstilinski, batziam, britishcurls, bewbies, blamestyles, bootyslay, britisharold, banginghoranbang, boosass, calmyourhoranmoans, colormenarry, cuphaz, datingziall, dangbritish, donthaz, dirtsbag, dumbtyler

{ e - h }:

endtochange, feelszarry, foxxyharold, haryry, fukczarry, fuckslou, haztwist, heyquiffy, horangelic, hazzascum, harrysbbitch, hazries, hrrys, hazpottars, harrysdominant, harryniips, hazah, hollyloujah, fuckhazuh, fuckingmichael, famedlou, geekyhoran, hollindroden, horanatic

{ i - l }:

ilreland, indiesrock, jacqharries, kingoftheniall, kryptoniall, lcehazleavemepayne, likes-boys, liamscape, lirrypaynes, larrygirls

{ m - p }:

morepayne, motelstyles, marcelplease, mullnslut, narruld, niallsdicks, niallar, nudeshire, nudeshaz, nippylou, nozayn, ohshutupharry, oiharold, obreiun, ohappily, okaywork, ofjack, ourlads, osnapitzhaz, mullingstabate

{ q - t }:

ridelouis, rockme-harold, snapshotstyles, stophaz, sunialler, stupidstagram, takesmehome, tomlinsarse, teaselou, thsfrays, turntogrey, thscripts, tomlinsweg, twerkitlikehaz, twirlhaz

{ u - z }:

vaginialls, vainzayn, wormkink, wreckinglou, weheartdirection, yabastille, zaynrocksmyworld, zaynsbro, zerrie, zaynharry, zaytanmaliks, zowis

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17hary, 5zos

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