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i figured it out, saw the mistakes of up and down meet in the middle, there's always room for common ground

i see what it's like, i see what it's like for day and night never together'cause they see things in a different light like us but they never tried like us

I'm DeOnna; 16, #ELITE ♡narry gives me life tbh♡


THANK YOU! psd #1 made by crazymofas

Hi so I recently reached a huge goal of mine so I thought I would release a psd that I have been enjoying lately. Please like or reblog if you download and don’t repost as your own. 

psd rules/info:

  • if this gets more downloads then notes I’ll take it down
  • contains vibrance, levels, b&w option, etc, adjust layers if needed
  • works on concert, interview, and outdoor/indoor scenes; download // mf